Our Services

At Indigenous Services Australia we offer a wide range of services from cultural diversity training and consultancy, right through to executive field trips and management of projects and events.

Our services are highly unique, yet real. We deliver genuine programs that provide positive outcomes.

Cultural Diversity Training

The Indigenous Services Australia, Cultural Diversity training is delivered in a workshop style presentation by Indigenous Services Australia Managing Director, Tony Shaw, who is widely recognised as one of Australia’s leading Indigenous speakers.

The workshop leads the participant on a journey from the past to the present with an overview of Aboriginal Australia and the cultural history including the significance of the connection to land – the dreaming, song lines, the spiritual connections and the importance of skin groupings.

Tony relates the story of the Stolen Generation through his own personal experiences. He links the legacy of the Stolen Generation to the need for core values in the Aboriginal community today explaining why it continues to affect the Aboriginal people today and will do so for years, if not generations to come.

The workshop brings the past to the present in the context of the workplace, explaining how important it is to understand how the cultural differences such as skin grouping and communication impact on the workplace for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

The workshop overall is a dynamic, informative and inspirational journey, interspersed with a great deal of compassion, genuine intent and humour, giving the participant the opportunity to make a valued judgement about the information presented.


Consultancy Services

Mentoring Programs

Indigenous Services Australia, in conjunction with Teamworks Development Australia (TDA), have devised a two-day overnight program during which participants learn about the mentoring process and develop the skills and understanding required to be a successful mentor. The course content raises awareness of the unique cultural and communication differences that have an impact in the workplace.

The course overall is not specific to the mentoring of aboriginal personnel, the skills and understanding can be applied in any mentoring arrangement. It does however; raise the need to appreciate cultural differences especially considering the diversity within the Australian workforce.

The combination of theory and experimental activities encourages participants to get to know each other in a very different setting with a focus on developing the trust and support for each other that is required to be a good mentor. Participants are exposed to their own communication strengths and weaknesses and learn a lot about themselves in a non-threatening and respectful environment.


Work Readiness Training

Indigenous Services Australia offers a total Indigenous Engagement package, a threefold process covering Orientation, Recruitment assistance and Work Readiness training, to assist companies with their Indigenous recruitment and retention.

The Work Readiness programs are designed in consultation with the client to focus on core components including family and culture, time and financial management, communication and teamwork in the workplace. The importance of these values cannot be underestimated and significantly improve the retention of Indigenous employees.


Field Trips & Cultural Bush Tours

Indigenous Services Australia provides unique field trip opportunities for corporate groups, leadership teams, and executive and management teams to experience Cultural Diversity firsthand. The host and guide for these unique field trips is Tony Shaw, one of Australia’s leading Indigenous speakers.

The field trips are designed to provide a unique experience ‘on country’ learning about Indigenous culture and combining experiential learning with the opportunity to engage with the local Indigenous community members who embrace the opportunity to share their stories, their bush tucker and their art, on their country.

Company executives responsible for driving cultural diversity and Indigenous engagement within their organisations benefit from these tours, gaining firsthand experience of the culture enabling them to make decisions based on sound understanding.

ISA also provides cultural experiences in the form of Cultural Bush Tours with these tours are open to the public. Our Cultural Bush Tours require a minimum of ten people and take in the iconic Lake Ballard, Indigenous music around the campfire, bush tucker, bush walks, sacred sites whilst sleeping out under the stars.

ISA Management

ISA Management provides management services for events, projects and artists locally, regionally and nationally.

Our management services cover all types of events and projects with the focus on the inclusion of our Indigenous culture whether that is Indigenous people working on the event or having an artistic Indigenous focus for the event and or project.

Carol Wallbank, General Manager, Indigenous Services Australia

Carol Wallbank is an innovative partnerships, stakeholder relations, business development, media and marketing executive with 20+ years’ experience across the Corporate sector, Government, SME’s, universities, small businesses, and not-for-profits

Carol is currently General Manager of Indigenous Services Australia, a 100% Indigenous owned and directed company providing consulting and training services to major corporate and community entities across Australia. Carol has also worked for numerous not for profit organisations such as Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation, Variety and Murlpirrmarra Connection.

Carol holds an MBA from Curtin University (specialising in Change Management) and is on a broad range of Boards and committees. These include: Roy Hill Community Foundation Pilbara Health Committee, Theta Funds Management Compliance Committee, Textile, Clothing & Footwear Resource Centre Board and is a Director of Innovate Australia.

As well as events and projects, ISA also provides artist consultancy and artist management whether it be the writing of grants, implementation of a CD project or event.


FEEL (Speakers Program)

Aboriginal Australia is constantly questioned as to why our people, the First Australians, have an emotional mindset that others struggle to understand.

The ‘Corporate World’ is endeavouring to learn and engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, but the real challenge will be in developing associations that are more meaningful and longer-term.

“It’s not just about listening, it’s about truly Feeling the stories”

ISA urge the world to take this opportunity to listen, question, FEEL, and engage in a program that has been created to deliver a powerful experience like no other.

FEEL showcases 4 or 5 speakers with Aboriginal and other cultural backgrounds who will give an upfront and honest insight into their personal achievements and aspirations.  These are genuine human beings who have followed our mantra, and achieved extraordinary outcomes for others.

The event also takes in Aboriginal musical performances, Australian native cuisine and closes with a dynamic Q and A session.  The FEEL Speakers Program will be available from early 2018.  Book now to ensure you don’t miss out.

For enquires or bookings please email us at  admin@indigenousservices.com.au or call us on 0408 201 610