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Meet the Dynamic Team at Indigenous Services Australia

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Tony Shaw

Founder / Director

A proud Wongutha man from the Northeastern Goldfields of WA, with an enduring connection to Country, Community and Culture, coupled with his engaging and often humorous storytelling style, Tony is now recognised as one of Australia’s leading Aboriginal speakers, mediators and cultural mentors.

For individuals enhancing their understanding of Aboriginal culture, or for organisations seeking truly authentic diversity training, Tony ensures the highest level of service, taking personal responsibility for the culturally safe delivery of all ISA programs.

Tony is a survivor of the Stolen Generations. Taken from his mother at around 3 years of age, he was raised in 14 different homes and institutions where he was forbidden to speak his

native language or uphold any cultural beliefs. At the age of 16, finally allowed to return to his Country, he found it extremely difficult to belong in either world. The result was despair, isolation, and depression. Eventually he sought spiritual guidance from his traditional Elders, learning the language and ways of the Wongai (Great Victoria Desert) people. Tony inherited the fighting spirit of his mother (to whom he dedicates his work), and today proudly embraces the ancient culture which has regained its place at the very core of his being.

As the inspirational, dynamic leader of Indigenous Services Australia, Tony has generously shared his cultural insights and compelling story with hundreds of spellbound audiences. It’s estimated over 100,000 people – both nationally and internationally – have enjoyed ISA training.

Carola Verschuren

Operations Manager

Bringing over a decade of experience in the tourism industry, Carola Verschuren serves as the Operations Manager at Indigenous Services Australia (ISA). Since 2020, she has been the driving force behind the seamless functioning of ISA, overseeing all essential operations.

A trusted confidant of Tony Shaw since their teens, their longstanding professional collaboration has added even more depth to Carola’s journey of discovery. Sharing Tony’s passion for building cultural bridges, combined with her business experience, Carola’s dedication to ISA’s mission is total. Carola is deeply passionate about making a difference.

Working side-by-side with Tony for many years now, she’s developed unique insights into Aboriginal Australia and is a trusted and essential part of the ISA presentation team.

Carola Verschuren not only supports Tony Shaw, she actively contributes to ISA’s growth, embodying a blend of friendship, professional competence, and a profound love for Australia’s rich heritage.